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Bazzell AG fra Höri:

Bazzell AG
The quality
Our country, Switzerland, is famous for its cheese, chocolate and high-precision watches, for the quality of its products and the clean environment. Swiss operators are known to care for their machines like Englishman for their lawn.

The suppliers
Nearly all the machines that you find on our sales-list originate from Swiss printers. We purchase them from the owners directly or in very close co-operation with the various distributors of new equipments. This makes us the NUMBER ONE Swiss exporter of used equipments for the printing industry.

The customers
Most of our customers are dealers all over the world who know and share our philosophy. These partners of ours are in a position to provide the best assistance to their local endusers at reasonable conditions.

The philosophy
You will know that a deal was a good deal once it is over and all the people involved are happy!

Herr Camillo Bazzell
Grabackerstrasse 5
8181 Höri

This dealer has been successfully verified and awarded the Machineseeker Trust Seal.

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The Machineseeker Trust Seal gives buyers the opportunity to see, at a glance, whether they are dealing with a trustworthy seller.

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gjeldende oppføringer & spesialtilbud:
Giljotinen POLAR 115 EMC MONITOR

Vibrator: RAB 5 Masch. No. 6481226 Light barriers Biudjbj7fo ...

Folding maskin
Folding maskin MBO SAP 46

- no description available - Bezi8jt ...

Folding maskin
Folding maskin STAHL VFZ 43

- no description available - Cclias7u ...

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flere oppføringer & maskiner på tilbud:
Giljotinen POLAR 115 EMC MONITOR

Vibrator: RAB 5 Masch. No. 6481226 Light barriers Biudjbj7fo......

Folding maskin MBO SAP 46

- no description available - Bezi8jt......

Folding maskin STAHL VFZ 43

- no description available - Cclias7u......

Wire stitcher POLYGRAF 103 1/4

- no description available - Eh8oq8kfw......

Hjørne avrunding maskin NK

- no description available - Biudlxepzx......


- no description available - Eh9vixfry......

Trykk på 5 farger offset HEIDELBERG SM 52-5-P3+L

CP 2000 CP-Tronic Suction belt table Double Sheet Testing Unit Alcohol damping unit: ALCOLOR Perfecting device: 5/0 2/3 Ink unit temperature control: TECHNOTRANS COMBISTAR Automati......

Boktrykk - utskriftsmaskin HEIDELBERG OHT

- no description available - Cdu9fgsa......

Konvoluttmateren STENZ FEEDER Mod. 400

Delivery belt Tsovjigb......

Folding maskin MBO T 45-1-45/4

Folding pockets: 4x Biuevojdod Folding blade: 1x Display......

Mailingsystem NEOPOST DS1000

Investor: 3X Biueyxgbko Fold setup Cover feeder Printheads Paper thickness: 70 - 130 gm2 Code reader......

2 offsettrykk for farger ROLAND PRACTICA PRZ 00 E

Alcohol damping unit Suction belt table Perfecting device: 2/0; 1/1 Pneumatic side marks Biuezaxg8p Photoelectronic side edge control Central lubrication Powder sprayer: WEKO T66 P......

Trykk på 8 farger KBA RAPIDA RA 106-8 SW4 - SPC

Alcohol damping unit: VARIDAMP Monitoring + Control Technology: QUALITRONIC INLINE Colour control system: COLORTRONIC Register control for CPC passport crosses: VIDEO Biuezkimsq Au......

Folding maskin MBO T540-1-54/4-T540-2-X

4 buckle plates Cross fracture Ysix0s Noise protection hood Delivery belt......

Diverse Sollas Bandum 220/50

- no description available - Tsuuaywv......

2 offsettrykk for farger HEIDELBERG GTO 52 Z +

Plus Version Film dampening system: VARN KOMPAC Eh98g0okw Electronic double sheet control: WEKO Register system: BACHER......

Folding maskin MB Bäuerle Multimaster CAS 35

Flat pile feeder Biue2wrzsy Noise protection hood......

Borerigg IRAM 16

- no description available - Biue3ac9gz......

Krølles maskin PERNUMA 1485K

- no description available - Nzqg2......

2 offsettrykk for farger ADAST DOMINANT 526 AP

Film dampening system: VARN KOMPAC Powder sprayer C0n3s9h......


Booklet Station: 1550.0402 Feeder: 3x1551 Cover feeder: 1528.0417 Dwwodq three-knife trimmer: 1522......

Folding maskin MBO T 540-F/T540-2-X

Flat pile feeder: VACUSPEED folding sword: 1 Window rebate / Altar rebate Ceg2lyd3 Folding pockets: 6......


Pallet feeder: PFH 6 buckle plates: 1st station BUH 82.6 Automatic Kit 1 6 buckle plates: 2nd station BUH 82.6 Automatic Kit 2 Biufhkpu99 Perforating device: EAP for first and seco......

4 offsettrykk for farger HEIDELBERG SM 74-4

Alcohol damping unit: ALCOLOR Monitoring + control technology: PRINECT PRESS CENTER Automatic plate feed: AUTOPLATE Washing plant Preset Powder sprayer: GRAFIX ALPHATRONIC 2000 Nzq......


6 buckle plates Gwcubk 4 buckle plates Pallet feeder: PFH-82 Delivery: SPH 70......

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